January 31, 2007

Never Quite The Same

Apparently reading back over the old entries I thought I had this thing done. The problem is that while I had the buy-sell-display mechanism all up and going, the actual making money part - rolling profits over into future investments, tracking how much has been spent, tracking how much has been earned or lost, etc. - wasn't even started on.

So I spent most of today overhauling the code as I re-familiarized myself with it, fixing bugs as I went, and I think its in a relatively solid place now. There are some features I'd like to add, and the trading back-end needs streamlining, and the whole thing needs a ton of automation, but the basic functionality should all now be there.

Yet another colossal waste of time brought to you by Charlie. That's Charlie - for all your pet project time-sinks. (2000+ lines of code! Most of it runs the back-end, handles the [many] DB queries, joins, and sorts, and does page-scraping, but still, its alot just to put up a couple stoopit tables!)

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March 03, 2006

Hi, guys

4:15 AM and I feel ALOT better about the site. The admin panel now works almost perfectly, just one query doesn't really do what I want to, but I think I know how to fix it. I also added in some data into the DB just to get things started again. Now that things are almost done, I'm actually pretty pleased with the way things turned out. The site doesn't look TOO horrible, and the programming is actually pretty decent. There are a few things that could be faster, but overall its pretty good, and like I said its not too bad, since a) the really inefficient functions are only accessible by the administrators and b) its not my damn box I'll be hogging, and way. The ones for the users are about as fast as they're gonna get. Yeah, pretty pleased. I can actually get on to something useful now, and update this thing and the code that drives it when I get bored. Part of the reason that it took so long is that I built things with new scalability in mind. Everything I'll write on the backend now is basically with an eye towards automation, with the goal that eventually I'll just give it a list of every stock Cramer ever recommended and have it model the fund from day one. That will be sweet. Till then, let the games begin.

But whew, like I said, alot of work. over 1500 uncommented lines of code. I hate to admit it, but my programming skills were somewhat rusty. But the upside is, they are MUCH sharper now. PHP, for all its flexibility, can be a VERY quirky language.

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March 02, 2006

Fuck it.

The database has been cleared. The game starts tonight. I'll make buys tommorow based upon what he says tonight. kthanxlaterbye.

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New rules

I'm tired of being nice. If I have to rebuild the entire database, we short at the opening price the day after.

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