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January 31, 2007

Never Quite The Same

Apparently reading back over the old entries I thought I had this thing done. The problem is that while I had the buy-sell-display mechanism all up and going, the actual making money part - rolling profits over into future investments, tracking how much has been spent, tracking how much has been earned or lost, etc. - wasn't even started on.

So I spent most of today overhauling the code as I re-familiarized myself with it, fixing bugs as I went, and I think its in a relatively solid place now. There are some features I'd like to add, and the trading back-end needs streamlining, and the whole thing needs a ton of automation, but the basic functionality should all now be there.

Yet another colossal waste of time brought to you by Charlie. That's Charlie - for all your pet project time-sinks. (2000+ lines of code! Most of it runs the back-end, handles the [many] DB queries, joins, and sorts, and does page-scraping, but still, its alot just to put up a couple stoopit tables!)

Posted by Charlie at January 31, 2007 01:35 AM